Plant Stand Stool - 10"

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Timeless design meets timeless function. 

We designed this plant stool based off of popular request from our customers. They wanted something classic, modern, and minimalist. Something that covers most plant sizes, we made a non adjustable plant stool (extra sturdy because of this) that fits plants that have 4" diameter up to 10" diameter and still will look great.

Elevated Sits 7.5" off the ground
Sturdy and Trendy Housing a 10" Diameter with a height of 7.5 inches off the ground, this plant stand can fit a wide range of plants.
Non Wobbly

Because each leg is thick and screwed on, this plant stand is the most durable model we've made to date.

Easy Assemble No tools whatsoever, just screw on the legs (screw already attached to the leg)
Low Carbon Footprint Bamboo is the primary resource, which takes very little resources to farm and manufacture

We create minimalist self care products that improve your environment to help you gain a sense of clarity. We only hope that declutterd products add value to your lives and creates a more peaceful, intentional, and purposeful day.

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Reinforced Bamboo


Adjustable Width 8"-12"


... especially loving the fact that it's adjustable, so I can keep my monstera in it as I size up the pot which is currently at 10". 

The stand was very easy to assemble, took less than 30 seconds.

They also included an allen wrench tool for assembly, which I thought was a helpful little touch.

Ashley Dixon

I have been searching for a nice plant stand that wasn’t too expensive and was made of wood. This plant stand is just that! It is a nice stand that is made with bamboo.

I like how it is versatile because you can adjust the size of the stand to fit your pots. I also love that it came with a screwdriver for that one screw. Yes, just one screw is all it takes to assemble this stand!

Lesset R.

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