Stillness - declutterd
Stillness - declutterd
Stillness - declutterd
Stillness - declutterd
Stillness - declutterd


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Summary: Stillness is the perfect scent to help you achieve calmness in our otherwise hectic tech-driven reality. In many ways, Stillness is representative of what declutterd is trying to do - help people achieve calm in an overstimulated world.

All candles can help achieve that depending on your preferences of course, but there's something about the aroma of tea leaves, fresh cucumber, and bergamot that elevates your senses to another level and ground you as a person. We made this candle with meditation in mind.

All candles are handpoured in Dallas, TX.

Mood: Calm, Relaxed, Invigorating

Scent Notes: Bergamot, Earl Grey Tea, Cucumber, Lime, Beeswax, Amber, Musk.

Size: 13 oz wax

Burn Time: 60-70 Hours

What is our candle constructed with?
- Coconut Soy Wax that burns clean (minimal soot, no smoke, easy to trim)
- Wooden Wicks with crackling sound
- Beautiful Glass Vessels that can double as a fancy cup after use
- Made with fragrances that are Toxic Free / Parabens Free / Phthalate Free / Cruelty Free / Vegan
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I never knew candles could smell this good..

If you're a seasoned candle-enjoyer or entirely new to the world of candles, I highly recommend STILLNESS. It is such a beautiful smell - it's light and calming, yet refreshing. I feel very relaxed when it's lit, heck it even smells amazing when it's not lit!

10/10 would buy again.

Kristina Lam
Smells amazing - should've ordered more!

I recently purchased two candles (Stillness and Detox). They arrived beautifully packaged and extremely secure. No cracks (thank goodness because I can't wait to repurpose the containers). I love how clean Detox smells - reminds me of spa soap, but I'm absolutely in love with the smell of Stillness. It's a light and clean scent that even my partner enjoys! The candles are so beautiful that it makes me so sad to burn them, but the smell is even more amazing with the sound of the wooden wick. Very happy with my purchases. If you must decide on ONE candle (but really, you should get a few), I would highly recommend Stillness!

self care

Why we pour candles

Snap, crackle, pop

Why we use wooden wicks

Clean burns only

Why we use Coconut Soy wax

Beautiful glass vessels

Smoke, Sage, White, Cream, Stonewash