Aglaonema Emerald Bay - 6"

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This is an Aglaonema Emerald Bay. It's nickname, Chinese Evergreen, refers to the 21 species of plants originally from the tropical forests in Southeast Asia.

Aglaonemas should be watered once the soil has dried out.
70-90% - Since it's a tropical plant, it enjoys a humid environment.
70-85°F - Keep it away from cold drafts
Bright Without Direct Sun
Use a complete liquid fertilizer or slow-release fertilizer monthly during spring and summer.
Check occasionally for mealybugs, scale, or aphids and wipe them off when needed.
pet toxicityPet Toxicity
Toxic to cats and dogs
Aglaonema should be repotted into fresh soil every two years to replenish the soil and to divide your plant or increase the pot size.
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