Boston Fern 'Compacta' - 6"

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This a Nephrolepis Exaltata.  Discovered in a plant shipment from Philadelphia to Boston, it appropriately earned its' nickname, the Boston Fern.

Keep your Boston fern moist at all times. Dry soil is the number one killer of Boston Ferns
60-80% - Indoor Boston ferns prefer humidity no lower than 60 percent; in environments drier than this, it should be frequently misted. To help with the humidity, put it on a saucer filled with lava rocks and water so the humidity will flow onto the plant
60-75°F - Keep it away from cold drafts
Bright Without Direct Sun
During the growing season, feed the fern with liquid or slow-release pellets.
Check your plant for pests like caterpillars, mealybugs, spider mites, and thrips.
pet toxicityPet Toxicity
Not toxic to cats and dogs
In the spring, you should repot your fern, even if it hasn't outgrown its pot. Common signs that a plant needs repotting include overcrowding and wilting leaves.
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... especially loving the fact that it's adjustable, so I can keep my monstera in it as I size up the pot which is currently at 10". 

The stand was very easy to assemble, took less than 30 seconds.

They also included an allen wrench tool for assembly, which I thought was a helpful little touch.

Ashley Dixon

I have been searching for a nice plant stand that wasn’t too expensive and was made of wood. This plant stand is just that! It is a nice stand that is made with bamboo.

I like how it is versatile because you can adjust the size of the stand to fit your pots. I also love that it came with a screwdriver for that one screw. Yes, just one screw is all it takes to assemble this stand!

Lesset R.

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