Luxury Candles That GIVE YOU A PEACE OF MIND

Wooden wick candles responsibly made with no toxins, natural wax, and lead-free ingredients.

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Candle Anatomy

Crackling Wooden Wick

One of the many highlights from our customers is the fact that we use top grade wooden wicks to make our candles. They are FSC certified wood and sustainably farmed! It has a crackling sound that many people prefer over regular cotton wicks.

Luxury Vessel

We work with only the best suppliers to give you the top in class, more luxurious vessels there are. Each vessel looks and feel like a piece of home decor!

Even Meltpool

Each candle creates an even melt pool prevents the candle from tunneling. This is possible only after hundreds of hours of testing before launching, along with ruthless quality control practices!

Fragrances that aren't overbearing

Many of the current issues in the market is related to candle scents being too strong or overbearing because of the low quality fragrance oils these companies use. We have not heard a single complaint about our scents thus far!


Even, Clean Burn

Our candles produce much less soot (the black smoke) than other candles and also provides a smooth, even burn so you won't see any tunneling.

Eco-friendly Wooden Wicks

Eco-friendly, clean-burning, wooden wicks made from FSC Certified Wood. Feel good about your purchase. Compare this to the usual lead-based wicks from other candle companies.

Fragrance Oils without Toxins

A lot of the fragrance oils in the market currently contain toxic ingredients like Phthlates or Parabens which causes headaches. We use clean, non toxic fragrance oils that don't give you headaches when you burn it.

60-70 Hours Burn Time

Not only does it come in a beautiful vessel, but these candles burn twice as slow as other candles you may find in the market! This means you get a much better deal and more utility out of this candles than cheap ones!

22 Unique Scents

Choose from our deep catalog of 22 complex scents. Covering all categories from Floral and Citrus all the way to Musk, Sweet, Creamy, or Spa, we are sure to have something that suits you.

Natural Wax for a Healthier Environment

Compared to most of the candle companies that sell toxic candles made with Paraffin Wax, we make candles using Coconut Soy wax which produces a lot less soot and therefore better to breathe in.


One of the best smelling candles I've ever tried! It's a mix of earthy, woody, and floral scents. Love love love.

Evergreen Forest

Jennifer Yun

If you're a seasoned candle-enjoyer or entirely new to the world of candles, I highly recommend STILLNESS. It is such a beautiful smell - it's light and calming, yet refreshing. I feel very relaxed when it's lit, heck it even smells amazing when it's not lit!

Stillness (Left), Discipline (Right)


These candles are of exceptional quality and smell amazing.

Flowers by the Sea


Time is running out!

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Spice your Fall / Winter season up and check out our candles! 

These candles are high quality, use natural ingredients like coconut soy wax, have a crackling wooden wick experience, and make a GREAT gift.

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Our Candle Studio in Dallas, TX

“A good candle can transform your house into a home.”

We believe candles have the unique ability to create improve an environment in more ways than one - with limitless scent options, beautiful aesthetic, and the allure of a small controlled flame, we tapped into this beautiful home decor to help spread its magic!

Each candle is handpoured by founder Jordan Ho in Dallas, TX. 

meet the founder