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perfected recipe over thousands of candles sold

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Over 30 tested and proven scents to attract repurchases


excellent burning experience for a low refund rate


Luxe Packaging for a beautiful shelf display

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Phthalate Free, Non Toxic, Cruelty Free, FSC-Certified Wood Wicks, Handmade in Dallas, TX. and Never Outsourced

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featured in 300 + retail shops

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Meet the Shop Owner!

Hi I'm Jordan, the founder of declutterd Candle Company. I fell in love with making candles because of the calming experience it brings to people. In the age of excess consumption and digitalization, it's nice to be able to provide an experience that feels "real." 

We make everything inhouse with our team and never outsource production, because we know the magic is in the details. Our products are luxurious, professional, high quality, and gives your customers the dream vision they're looking for when they're buying a premium product.

I would love for you to carry our candles in your store! 

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