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Named the "Calm" Pot with an elevated bottom, we're bridging the connection between inner peace and calmness that plants bring and the earthy minerals that Earth gifts us. Elevate your sense of being through a state of consciousness. Stay calm, cool, and collected.

Made with earthy tones from stoneware clay, these planters are fired at extremely high temperatures to give you the rich surface texture that is so timelessly popular.

The material is a ceramics mix of clay and various stones, making it extremely durable to both outdoor and indoor environments.

Beautiful Ceramic Planter - Don't settle for plastic. Elevate your space with this beautiful, handcrafted stoneware planter made with top natural materials.

Drainage Hole with Plug - Don't let your roots rot! We've included a drainage hole along with a plug so that you can easily water and release build up water from the bottom.

Expert Craftsmanship - We only work with the finest pottery to bring you a finely made product. No short cuts taken. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or we'll give you money back.

Timeless Home Decor Style - These pots will last forever and across generations. The style of Mid Century, Modern, and Minimalism fits in any home decor style and will be sure to elevate your home.

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Consistent Quality


Reinforced Bamboo


Adjustable Width 8"-12"


... especially loving the fact that it's adjustable, so I can keep my monstera in it as I size up the pot which is currently at 10". 

The stand was very easy to assemble, took less than 30 seconds.

They also included an allen wrench tool for assembly, which I thought was a helpful little touch.

Ashley Dixon

I have been searching for a nice plant stand that wasn’t too expensive and was made of wood. This plant stand is just that! It is a nice stand that is made with bamboo.

I like how it is versatile because you can adjust the size of the stand to fit your pots. I also love that it came with a screwdriver for that one screw. Yes, just one screw is all it takes to assemble this stand!

Lesset R.

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