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This is a Philodendron Cordatum. It's nickname Heartleaf comes from the heart shaped leaves of this plant.

Water your plant well and then allow half of the soil dry out before watering again. Yellow leaves indicate over-watering while brown leaves indicate more water.
They enjoy an average home humidity of 30-40% though higher humidity encourages larger leaves.
They like bright, indirect sunlight. A sunny spot covered by a curtain is perfect.
They should be fertilized monthly with houseplant food deluded by half in the spring and summer, and then every other month in fall and winter.
Keep an eye out for Aphids, spider mites, Mealy Bugs, thrip, and scale.
pet toxicityPet Toxicity
Toxic to both cats and dogs.
Philodendrons benefit from being repotted into larger pots when they become root bound and outgrow their original pot.
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Arrived Healthy, Ships Fast

The plant came in wonderful condition —very full, with lush healthy leaves. It unboxed with no mess. So, I bought two more for my friends. The roots were growing out of the container, so it's definitely time to repot. Still, it's a million times better than receiving a plant whose roots aren't established.

healthy and ready

Cared by Top Plant Experts

the best of the united states

Nursery based in Florida


Love your mission, your purpose, and your story. We will be long term customers!

Rachel and Chris Yim

Was part of declutterd's trial run and they definitely nailed the packaging down. I got all my products safely without any issues.

Rob Star