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Top Level Adjustable Plant Stand - 8"-12"

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Plants grow over time. So can you. Grow with them. 

Use this mid century indoor/outdoor plant stand as you repot your plant babies to keep using this modern plant stand for years to come.
This is our way if combining function, versatility, and flexibility. We noticed that people's plants were outgrowing their pots and those poor stands were getting trucked to the landfill, or kept in storage until another plant fits them. 

We wanted to change that  - for your pocket, and for the environment, and for your own space. 

These wooden plant stands are elevated 12" from the ground and using premium bamboo as the base of a weather resistant support system, these plant stands will hold up your pot a long while before giving up.

Pair this with your favorite plant pot and create a combination that will surely turn heads and create a calming environment.

Elevated Sits 12" off the ground
Adjustable Width 8" to 12" diameter
Non Wobbly

Reinforced structure

Stress Tested Can take up to   200 lbs
Low Carbon Footprint Bamboo is the primary resource, which takes very little resources to farm and manufacture

We create minimalist self care products that improve your environment to help you gain a sense of clarity. We only hope that declutterd products add value to your lives and creates a more peaceful, intentional, and purposeful day.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 175 reviews
Patrice Maurer
Beautiful stands

My plants are enhanced in the beautiful stands from Declutterd. The quality and ability to adjust the size of the stand is brilliant!!

James Fritsch

Top Level Adjustable Plant Stand - 8"-12"

Leanne Liberti
Need help

Please contact me as Amazon has NOT SENT it and I want to buy more than 1

Alex Castanza
Great price & quality

I’ve been looking for stands like this for a while now. Someone posted a link to these on a plants Facebook group I follow... so naturally I HAD to take a look. The price is the best I’ve seen for these and they’re the right dimensions for what I was looking for so I went ahead and bought two. The quality is great and the colors are lovely. The Acacia, as it turns out, perfectly matches my dining table and chairs perfectly. It’s a little darker and warmer than the “light” finish. I only wish the mid-level stand also came in acacia. Super easy to assemble, too. Just one screw. I’m so happy with these I’ll probably end up buying more. Thank you for providing these at reasonable prices!!!!

Pleased Customer

Love this adjustable plant stand. I bought one at a local shop and liked it so much I purchased three more. (Also, there was a mix up with my delivery that was the shipper's fault and declutterd couldn't have been nicer about helping me with this.)

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We believe in high quality, long lasting products that enhance your space without cluttering it.


Consistent Quality


Reinforced Bamboo


Adjustable Width 8"-12"


... especially loving the fact that it's adjustable, so I can keep my monstera in it as I size up the pot which is currently at 10". 

The stand was very easy to assemble, took less than 30 seconds.

They also included an allen wrench tool for assembly, which I thought was a helpful little touch.

Ashley Dixon

I have been searching for a nice plant stand that wasn’t too expensive and was made of wood. This plant stand is just that! It is a nice stand that is made with bamboo.

I like how it is versatile because you can adjust the size of the stand to fit your pots. I also love that it came with a screwdriver for that one screw. Yes, just one screw is all it takes to assemble this stand!

Lesset R.

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