Top 10 Plantfluencers To Follow (Part 1)

Have you been splurging on plants during this quarantine - improving your green thumb and building your zen garden in your house?

We know what it’s like being a beginning plant parent.

You want to upgrade your house as soon as possible while being a responsible plant owner! We all do.

That’s why we decided to round up some of the plantfluencers that we adore and follow! Each of these accounts have something a little different and you’ll definitely learn how wide and deep the hobby of owning plants is.



We love this account because it highlights the simplicity of plant owning. You don’t have to be some kind of plant guru to start owning plants and you certainly don’t have to own a jungle to be considered “legitimate.” Many of the photos are close ups or single plant shots which show the personality of each plant. Coupled with a minimalist aesthetic, it makes for a great addition to your IG feed.


Speaking of jungles, if you are looking for total plant immersion, this account may be right for you! Higlighting tropical plants that Scott grows and curates, this account is a must for any Monstera lovers.


Not your typical highly-aesthetic Instagram plant account, Epic Gardening focuses on function over beauty and packs a ton of value for anyone looking to grow their skills and knowledge in caring for plants - such as understanding which soils to use, how to care for certain plants, or general tips that would take your gardening to the next level.


One of the largest centers of the houseplant community. Nearing 1M in followers, there’s a great chance that whoever you’re following in the plant space also follows this account.

Because of the large following, you can see for yourself where the conversation is headed in the comment section, browse what people think of what plants, and possible even find yourself a plant friend in the process.


We love anyone that does anything different in this space. Tula House makes a bold statement that trucks aren’t just meant for food! They have a beautiful plant truck to sell merchandise out of and operate a storefront as well in Brooklyn. We love people that push the industry forward and thus recommend this account to anyone in the space. 


Part plant account and part interior design / architecture, this feed really shows the endless possibilities of how you can enhance your environment with a few green buddies. From skyscrapers to small indoor apartments, this account will definitely inspire your next great placement idea. 


Run by Interior Designer Suzy Coassin, this account inspires us because it thats us through a professional curation of how plants can enhance interior spaces and how it can fit into the hottest trends as well as timeless classics. I have definitely spent more than my fair share scrolling through this account while upgrading my house.


We love Anna’s account because it bleeds of authenticity and love. One look at the account and you can tell she’s head over heels for plants. And it shows!
Plant’s don’t grow well under bad owners and her plants are smiling ear to ear. Her aesthetics are on point and she uses natural light very well. +100 for aesthetics. 


Similar to @houseplantclub, this account is a great way to integrate yourself onto the houseplant community!

Run by May and Leon, this community ties everything together with design tips, plant care tips, and plant guides that will help you navigate this enchanting world. They also sell cute prints that you can buy and hang up!


This account is probably the most niche of them all, but one that we think is very important to expand your viewpoint of what horticulture means. These guys specialize in carnivorous plants - they’re beautiful and slightly terrifying! This type of content is something you wouldn’t otherwise get in any other instagram channel.

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  • Mariel

    My favorite plantfluencer is Simone! She is an actual plant! Her content is amazing for this plant freak.

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