Our Story

What's our goal?

With the values of minimalism, we want to spread calm to the world. Whether it's having a minimal aesthetic, owning less (but more important) things, or changing our environment with a diffuser, candle, or air purifier, we want to lead more pure lives, without all the toxins for our body or for our mind.

That's why we think about everything consumable in our lives (physical goods, digital goods, mental thoughts), not just stuff you buy with money. Every product we sell goes through this filter of "How to we help people lead calmer lives?"

2018-2021 - Overconsumption and overstimuation? Plants to the rescue!

Back in 2018 founder Jordan Ho fell victim to the overconsumption and overstimulation from modern technology. Back in 2018 and being trapped in a small studio apartment in California, his day to day was consumed by apps, a constant barrage of notifications, information, and entertainment from the Internet (too much Youtube was bad, after all).

In today's world, everything revolves around technology today. All our basic needs and wants have a touchpoint at some point with a screen or a phone.



He needed to get away from it all.

After experiencing low points with mental health, a decrease in attention spans, and an overstimulation of the brain, Jordan set out to reconnect back with nature.

It’s well known that a little greenery can soften your anxiety, increase creativity, reduce stress, and provide fresh air, but the fact is that sometimes it’s hard to get away from an industrialized city.

That’s how declutterd was born - it was born out of a necessity to connect back to our roots as human beings. Our need to offset the daily stress caused by the pace of modern society defines our mission statement to pursue a sense of clarity and self care from nature.

We offer a chance for you to step away from the craziness for just a moment. A moment you can take back for yourself.

2022 Rebrand - Let's make the world a calmer place by selling all kinds of wellness products, not just houseplant decor. 

We wanted to transform declutterd into more than just plants. We realized that we want to make all types of products that ring true to our name. If our objective is to make the world a calmer place, how do we do it? What do we provide to the world? 

How do we become a broader wellness brand, not just a plant brand?

We've taken a major step towards this initiative by creating our own small batch coconut soy candles. 

Handpoured small batch candles using natural wax, toxic free fragrances, and a soothing wooden wick. Candles were a perfect medium to get into because people already use it to change their environment to de-stress. We just want to be a part of it all and make it even better by putting our own spin into it!

In the future we'll possibly introduce even more products such as basics, essential oils, diffusers, etc. The possibilities are endless and we are truly excited for it.