Achieve peace in a noisy world

Premium crackling wooden wick candles that smell great, last long and don't tunnel.


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Enjoy a crackling wood wick candle made only with non toxic, sustainable, and cruelty free ingredients.

Non Toxic Ingredients

Forget the toxic stuff, we don't use any of that here. We only use natural wax as out ingredient and all our fragrance oils are toxic free.

Soothing Fragrances

We only sell fragrances that don't give you a headache, stuffy nose, and is not overwhelming. 

Paraben + Phalate Free

Many other candle companies use it for binding and shelf life purposes. We don't put anything like that in our stuff.

Cruelty Free

Our process is 100% cruelty-free from animal testing. We love our animals just like you do.

Join the thousands of people who switched from regular cotton wicks to wooden wick!

We prefer the crackle. It's quite addicting.

Best Sellers 10-Pack

Shop a compilation of all our best sellers in our most heavily discounted bundle. Give them as gifts or keep them all for yourself!

Flowers by the Sea, Thai Iced Tea, Brown Sugar Boba, Stillness, Lemon Custard
Sunny Mornings, Evergreen Forest, Detox, Spa Session, Jasmine

Be part of our growth story 

When we're not selling things online, we're out there in public hustling. We're aggressively doing markets and pop ups in the Dallas / Austin / Houston area and one day we hope to own a retail shop.

Back when we started in March 2022, we did not know that people would like our candles this much!

Now, we're exhausting all our time and resources to grow this candle brand.

Join us and be part of an exciting, growing brand!

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Our customers love us

I'm a candle snob, and these candles from declutterd are my new favorite! They look SO chic, and smell equal parts yummy and sophisticated. I'm in love!

- Hayley

Got my candle in perfect condition. Great scent

- Laura

This scent is SO yummy. Just subtly sweet, not overpowering at all. Smells like melting brown sugar. Restock soon please :)

- Kristina

Made In Dallas

Each candle is homemade with love & care

Fast Shipping

Delivered at your door within 3-7 Days

Ethically Sourced

100% Non Toxic Fragrances and Wax