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summer 2022
Self Care 4-Pack
Save 19% overall when purchasing a 4-pack!

1x Stillness - Bergamot, Earl Grey Tea, Cucumber
1x Spa Session - Eucalyptus, Cotton, Gardenia
1x Detox - Sea Moss, Orchid, Violet
1x Sunny Mornings - Grapefruit, Lemon, Champagne
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spring 2022
Spring 4-Pack
Save 19% overall when purchasing a 4-pack!

1x Lemon Custard - Honey, Lemon, Vanilla
1x Lilac Meadow - Lilac, Dewy Greens, Rose
1x Cherry Blossom - Sakura, Pomegranate, White Magnolia
1x Flowers by the Sea - Sea Salt, Jasmine, Lily
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Adjustable Mid Century Plant Stand


If you're a seasoned candle-enjoyer or entirely new to the world of candles, I highly recommend STILLNESS. It is such a beautiful smell - it's light and calming, yet refreshing. I feel very relaxed when it's lit, heck it even smells amazing when it's not lit!


This scent is SO yummy. Just subtly sweet, not overpowering at all. Smells like melting brown sugar. Restock soon please :)


I love how clean Detox smells - reminds me of spa soap, but I'm absolutely in love with the smell of Stillness. It's a light and clean scent that even my partner enjoys!


Very well made stand, it fits perfectly for my large sansevieria bantel that’s in a heavy 10” clay pot, so it’s durable too. Would recommend!

Daniel Davis