11 Instagram Hashtags to Up Your Plant Game

One of the best ways to stay engaged within the plant community is follow different trends and subject matter that the community is excited about.

Instagram hashtags make it easy to segment the community and look at each part with in more detail. Because instagram shows how many times a hashtag has been tagged, you can see the scale of each subject matter. That’s why no matter what you like, there’s bound to be someone just as excited as you are! (no shame in liking #catswithplants).

We’ve rounded up 11 different hashtags that you can get started with within the plant community on IG.


This is by far my personal favorite plant hashtag.

We all know that plants are living, breathing beings. But we sometimes can’t see the process of transformation because we only notice its growth over weeks/days at a time.

By taking timelapses of their plants, creators can capture the “liveliness” of the plant during an extended period of time and show that in a 20-second video. Plants grow tall when watered and droop down when it’s thirsty and the motion of it going back and forth shows that plants, like humans, are cyclical and go through ups and downs throughout its life.

Watching a smooth growing transition for each plant gives you a sense of fulfillment - that all the plant care you do and watering schedules you try not forgetting is worth it.


Who doesn’t know this one?

Monsteras, known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, are one of the most beautiful plants in the world. With it’s large leaves and beautiful leaf designs, it makes for a great alliteration in Instagram. Plus, you can guarantee consistent content from around the world because Monday comes every week!


Function! Knowledge! Tips! Tricks!

Follow this hashtag only if you want to get better at being a plant parent. The plant community is one of the most giving communities on the internet and everyone is happy to give out their secret sauce for you to thrive as a plant owner. 

#Plantsofinstagram, #Plantlife

Here you will find all the plants people own - from casual plant owners to plantfluencers, there’s no discrimination! These two tags are some of the most tagged hashtags on Instagram, clocking it at over 6 MILLION and 3 MILLION hashtags (that’s a lotta love right there).

Go ahead, pick up your phone and snap a quick one and put yourself in that space!


The plant space is one of the most giving spaces in the world. Whether or not the goal is to promote a website or product, it doesn’t really matter because these plant owners are willing to give up something they’ve nurtured for free!

Here at @declutterd, we’ve given away our fair share of plant decor.


#Plantlife,  #Plantaddict

Here you will find the plant parents who have dedicated their being to the Plant Gods. This is no longer a hobby to pass time - it is a lifestyle and we’re fully with it!

These are the people have accepted the fact that they are plant addicts. Everything they do turns green and you can hear their enthusiasm in every caption.


We love this hashtag because it shows the entire fleet of plants that someone has. We want to see the entire team! (plant care is a team sport). While we are proud of the plants we own, some of these are hard to beat for sure.


Ever wanted to be an interior designer?

Do you like plants?

Every wanted to be an interior designer who likes plants?


This collection has one of the most organized, aesthetically pleasing feeds within all the plant hashtags. Do yourself a favor and take a look.


Who DOESN’T like memes? It’s a new form of communication in the 21st century (next to emojis) and the plant community is here for it.

While the hashtag number may be a bit small relative to the other ones listed here, there are some quality memes in there (trust me).

Take 15 and dig through this hashtag for some laughs.

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