Top 10 Plant Youtube Videos

Youtube is filled to the brim with great content creators, and the plant community has uploaded a huge variety of helpful, beautiful, and funny videos that we can all enjoy to explore what it is that makes this community so great.

Checkout some of the videos we curated to recommend to you!

 *buys one house plant*

  • Youtube Channel: Travor Wallace
  • Specialty: Hilarious comedy skits, specializing in playing punchable douchebags
  • Video: Polks fun at every exaggerated plant owner stereotypes
  • Why you should watch: Owning plants isn’t supposed to be serious at all. It’s supposed to add value to your life and it’s supposed to be fun. This video polks fun at every exaggerated plant owner stereotypes and is perfect for someone who doesn’t take themselves seriously.


     Plant Tour | My 200+ Houseplant Collection

    • Youtube Channel: Mia Sayoko
    • Specialty: Instagram influencer and Youtuber with a huge following (4m on YT and 1m on IG!)
    • Why you should watch: Shows how you can manage a large collection without feeling overwhelmed or cluttering your space


       make your house plants thrive 🌿indoor plants care tips & hacks

      • Youtube Channel: Rachel Aust
      • Specialty: Health / Fitness / Minimalism
      • Why you should watch: Have plant goals? This video is perfect for both setting yourself up for what’s possible as well as providing useful tips for you to actually get there.


        How To Care For Indoor Plants + GREENIFY YOUR SPACE

        • Youtube Channel: Rachel Aust
        • Specialty: Health / Fitness / Minimalism
        • Video Description: Beautifully shot video that provides plant care tips and hacks
        • Why you should watch: An amazingly shot visual experience with functionality and knowledge? why wouldn't you want to watch it?!

          Plant propagation for beginners » 5 indoor plants

          • Youtube Channel: Pick Up Limes
          • Specialty: Healthy Living
          • Why you should watch: Plant propagation is one activity that a plant parent can pick up to multiply your plants without spending any additional money. It’s also a fulfilling exercise for someone who wants to watch a plant grow from just one little leaf to a big plant.


            15 Plants You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

            • Youtube Channel: The Finest
            • Specialty: Entertainment
            • Why you should watch: There are thousands of different plant species - houseplants is just a part of a very big ecosystem! Watch this video to expand your view point of plants and understand that there are other weird and interesting plants you wouldn’t normally see at your big box retailer or plant website.



              • Youtube Channel: 5-Minute Crafts Family
              • Specialty: DIY / Crafts
              • Why you should watch: Expanding your knowledge base on how to care for plants is one is one of the most essential things you can do to improve you ability to grow a plant. Watch this video to learn more about how to care for plants and save time/money.


                20 Upcoming Plants 2020! | New Plants on The Houseplant Market!

                • Youtube Channel: Kaylee Ellen
                • Specialty: Badass Plant Mom
                • Why you should watch: Need to be on the cutting edge of the houseplant industry? Learn it from the pros! Kaylee breaks down what’s to expect in terms of new plants that are available in the market this year. 

                A Tour of The Rare Plant Shop! | 1000+ Rare Plants!

                • Youtube Channel: Kaylee Ellen
                • Specialty: Badass Plant Mom
                • Why you should watch: One fun corner of the plant niche is the ability to find and purchase rare plants. There are thousands of plants that are hard to find and coupled with the amazon aesthetic of some of these plants, it’s something worth pursuing.


                  • Youtube Channel: Crazy Plant Guy
                  • Specialty: He’s… a crazy plant guy. An AMAZING crazy plant guy.
                  • Why you should watch: Everyone starts somewhere! And sometimes you just need a lower maintenance plant to start your plant journey. Some of the most beautiful plants are the low maintenance ones!

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