6 Self-Care Evening Habits to Add To Your Routine to Improve Your Nights


Evening Routines are almost just as important as your morning routines.

We know, this all sounds so pretentious and high maintenance, but even just taking one or two things out of this list can dramatically help your outlook on life. 

Without further ado, let's dive into some of the best ways we can close out our day and start again tomorrow.

1. Practice Gratitude

Have you ever realized that you've lost perspective in life? Comparing yourself to other people, focusing too much on the accumulation of wealth and social status, only to forget about what's really important? In today's blindingly fast paced world, it's easy to get lost in the day-to-day grind. 

Practicing gratitude is one reliable way to keep yourself grounded. Whether you do that by journaling, reflecting, or counting your blessings is up to you. 

Certain situations and differing severity on the seriousness of it all, but we can almost always draw positives from anything in life.  

2. Unplug from tech 1 hour before bed

Excessive exposure and consumption of media and technology can often clutter our minds throughout the day. Because of the level of stimulation we experience from these apps, and because they're so readily available in every device we have, it's hard for our minds to "turn off" in time for bed and thus can cause insomnia throughout the night.

A good rule of thumb to adopt is turning off any screentime 1 hour before bed to properly wind down your brain from all the stimulation. You can replace this time by taking a warm bath or reading a book before bed to still do something interesting without overstimulating your brain.

3. Warm Bath

Increasing your blood flow, reducing pain and inflammation, and balancing your hormones are some of 

4. Journal

Journaling helps me reflect on the day/week/year, answer unanswered questions about life, and just acts as a therapeutic life counselor. 

Whether you're using prompts to help you get started, simply just writing anything that comes to mind, or just recording what you did for the day, journaling is one of the best ways to take care of your soul and mind.

5. Read

Reading is the perfect nighttime activity because it's low in stimulation (most books) while expanding your perspective on life. 

We recommend reading something that doesn't get you too excited because you might fall into the trap of thinking about that excitement all night long. Instead, opt for a lighthearted fictional book or maybe even an autobiography of someone you admire. 

6. Sleep Early

We saved the simplest, most obvious one for last. 

Try sleeping earlier! We know different people have different schedules and needs for their own body, but it's a known fact that modern society caused people to suffer from sleep deprivation. 

You wouldn't know what to do if you drastically changed your sleeping habits, so try pushing up your sleep schedule 30 minutes at a time to see how your body reacts to it. 


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