What My Morning(+Plant) Routine Looks Like

Hi everyone,

Just thought I’d share what my morning routine looks like. It’s pretty normal compared to everyone elses.

As a business owner, my schedule usually packed with a million things to do so having a consistent morning routine definitely helps me get into the right mindset everyday.

I don’t have an extraordinary long routine that some people have, and manage to get through it in 30 minutes.

My Morning Routine 

1. Wake up (~8:30am)
2. Make Bed
3. Brush
4. Go downstairs to make coffee (iced during the summer)
5. Check on each plant
6. Check on your new leaves
  • Dip your finger into the soil to check moisture level

  • Spray water on leaves if leaves are looking dry

  • Water plants if needed (different plants need different amounts of water)

  • Rotate your plants as needed for sunlight

7. 10 mins yoga 

8. Check email
9. Begin work

That's it! I usually wake up around 8:30 and sleep around 12am. Different people have different schedules and don't feel pressured to lean one way or another just because you think you're supposed to. But I thought you'd get some value out of what my start of the day looks like.

I would love to know what your morning + plant routine looks like! comment down below or email us directly to let us know :) at community@declutterd.com

- Jordan

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