Saturday Market Sales Representative ($10 / Hr Base + 10% Commission)

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declutterd is looking for motivated, energetic, relentless, and Saturday Market Sales Representative to join our team.

We are a small but rapidly growing candle company.

As a Saturday Market Sales Representative, your main job is to attend craft markets on behalf of declutterd and sell candles. This position has both a base pay and a 10% commission structure based on the Net Sales (Sales after discounts and taxes) from the market if you do it SOLO. If you work the markets with another person, you will not receive commission and only the hourly rate. This position is mostly for SOLO markets for this Fall + Winter Season. This job is a perfect entry-level job for anyone who is motivated, doesn’t mind doing the gritty work and getting your hands dirty. Since you have to set up everything yourself, you will have to go to the set up area around an hour before the market starts, move all the equipment and inventory (candles boxes which is around 50 pounds), set up the tents and tables, and break down the markets when you’re leaving. We will provide all the equipment needed (like carts and trolleys)

The potential payout for SOLO markets can range in total (including base pay) to come out between $15-$60/hour depending on the market location, duration and season. 

The schedule for this position is MOST SATURDAYS FROM OCTOBER TO MARCH with possibility of expansion into the summer into a more permanent position.

- declutterd participates in many craft markets all year long. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall all have markets that people shop candles from. We send 1 market representative to each market and have them set up, process orders, and break down.
- Our candle studio is based in Carrollton, TX. This is where you will be picking up and dropping off inventory. We record how many candles you started with and how many you came back with to make sure everything matches the sales (to ensure proper checks and balances)

- This position is not difficult but it will be hard on your body. You will sweat a lot, be tired, and stand in the sun when it's hot and be in the cold when it's cold. But it is well worth it, rewarding, and lucrative if you have a good market. 
- This role is a LABOR-INTENSIVE ROLE and will require lots of lifting, pushing, pulling, etc.


  • Read and comprehend craft market rules, responsibilities, and locations
  • Set up and breakdown all market inventory and equipment (Tent, Table, Décor, POS System, Chair, Candles, Shelves, etc)
  • Pick up inventory from our candle studio
  • Drop off inventory to our candle studio
  • Run POS system and process orders during market
  • You will be a brand representative of declutterd during these markets and will be evaluated based on market performance, timeliness, and attendance. We understand that stuff happens, and sometimes you can’t make a market. HOWEVER, there will only be 1 or 2 times that we will let this slide depending on the reason. This is because attendance/timeliness for markets is crucial for the brand+event organizer relationship, as well as us having to pay a non-refundable vendor fee.

Requirements + Skills:

  • Must be have a positive and outgoing attitude. This is a customer-facing role so we have to put our best foot forward.
  • Must be able to stand on your feet 7-8 hours + lift 50 lbs regularly
  • MUST have a big car (submit in your application what kind of car you drive)
  • Must love candles and/or crafts
  • Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and consistency
  • Basic math skills
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • Ability to maintain focus while performing repetitive tasks for long periods of time
  • Must have a can-do work ethic
  • Reliable, honest, and trustworthy
  • Self-starter with strong creative problem-solving skills
  • Maintain a safe and clean work environment
  • You will be picking up inventory and equipment from a very fragrant candle studio. Please be advised that this job is not ideal for those with fragrance sensitivities or severe allergies


  • Flexible work schedule
  • Get to see up close and personal how a growing e-commerce candle brand is run
  • Complimentary candles (2 free candles per month)

Pay Structure

  • This role is an independent contractor role (1099)
  • You will be paid 1 hour before the market for set up, 1 hour for breakdown post-market. You will likely not need the entire hour when you get used to setting up and breaking down but we still cover the entire hour each way. You will NOT be paid for the time it takes you to drive to the event. 
  • SOLO Markets Pay: $10/hour + 10% of Net Sales 
  • Schedule: Roughly 3-4 markets per month
  • Location: Carrollton, Texas

Interested? Please contact with the subject "Saturday Market Sales Representative " in the email subject. Include what car you drive, a resume, and where you live (which neighborhood in Dallas Fort Worth)